Our latest finds from around the world, sourced from Europe, the USA, India, Nepal, China, Mongolia, Tibet and South Korea. A selection of highlights from our Spring/Summer “stylopedia”.


“Pleats” continue for this season, there is the new “PASHA dress” ideal for a wedding and cruising. The lurex collection is still available.

In cashmere, the “hot knits” for this summer season are the “shrug cardigan” to be worn over the summer dress, the “b vest” and the “sf top” both of which can be worn under either the “shrug cardigan” or the “one button cardigan” as a twist to the traditional twinset.

We have added a “long coat” as an extra spring accessory without a belt or with a belt as a luxurious warm dressing gown. The “ribbed” sweater has a new look and finally the “tassel triangle scarf” ideal for the cool summer evenings.

For Spring we have a “boiled wool” jacket in 9 different colours. Cashmere printed scarves from Italy are new to the collection.