Our latest finds from around the world, sourced from Europe, the USA, India, Nepal, China, Mongolia, Tibet and South Korea. A selection of highlights from our Spring/Summer “stylopedia”.


At the moment there is no new JEWELLERY, PLEATS or LUREX to add to the collections due to COVID-19 travel restrictions.

However, we have been able to make some new cashmere samples:

The WZ CARDIGAN with side pockets and loose. The TWINSET can be worn separately or together, alternatively the jumper can just be thrown over the shoulders. The T VEST is an old style but still so useful. The SQUARE NECK for the smaller people. The HOLE SLEEVE is a ribbed polo with slits at the elbow. The FAN jumper is an asymmetrical style also from some time ago that is great for the summer. The CLARE CARDIGAN is an easy one – loose, comfortable and stylish.