The business was started by Caroline in 1990 and has grown from strength to strength. We now supply approximately 120 customers across the UK, France, Italy, Denmark, Canada, Sweden, South Africa, Australia and the USA. The philosophy remains that Caroline will not buy anything that she would not wear or be seen in herself!

At first a lot of the buying was done in Europe, namely France, Germany, Italy and Spain. However, since 2000, the search for accessories has been extended to the USA, India, Nepal, China, Mongolia, Tibet, South Korea, Greece and Romania.

The cashmere is now a collection for the catwalk of life that is constantly changing; it is a fascinating fabric that allows for a number of gorgeous, different wide-ranging styles.

Caroline is supported in the office in Henley on Thames by Maxine Harman who runs the office and Sarah Leighton-Young who does the book-keeping. Victoria Kristoffersen-Wright looks after the website, and Lucy Zhang deals with the day-to-day running of the China office. We also have two agents.